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Hazelwood Marine provide marine surveys for any vessel

Marine surveyTypes Of Surveys

Basically there are three types of surveys:

  • Pre Purchase,
  • Insurance, and
  • Damage assessment.

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What to expect in the Survey report.

Your surveyor can only comment on the things he can see without interfering with the fixtures and fittings on the vessel. Some of the things he will comment on are:

  • SurveyDecks and fittings,
  • Rails and Lifelines,
  • Hatches Cabins and windows,
  • Rigging and sails,
  • Masts and poles,
  • Lights and electricals,
  • Batteries and instruments,
  • Furniture,
  • Structural integrity,
  • Construction and frames,
  • Engine beds and mounts,
  • Engineering Shafts and couplings,
  • Propellers,
  • Anodes and bonding,
  • Surface condition above and below the water,
  • Pumps and plumbing,
  • Safety gear,
  • Tankage,
  • Heads,
  • Skin fittings, and
  • Sea cocks

We need to inspect the vessel in the water to check for leaks etc. and, if possible, take it for a run to assess the performance under power. We also need to inspect the vessel out of the water in a cleaned condition to enable us to comment on the underwater surfaces and running gear.

Written reports will usually be seven to twelve pages long, accompanied by photographs.

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